I Have A 1 Year Old Female Dog And She Has Something Coming Out Of Her Vagina. Can Any One Help?


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If it appears that there is a mass protruding from the vulva, then this could be “vaginal oedema and vaginal fold prolapse”. Basically this means vaginal swelling and protrusion.

This condition is most frequently seen in younger bitches, usually during the first or second heat, and some breeds are more predisposed than others. During the first stages of heat, hormonal changes cause the tissues of the terminal reproductive tract to become swollen. This is why her vulva swells up. Vaginal oedema and vaginal fold prolapse occurs when the tissue inside the bitch’s vagina becomes so enlarged it protrudes outside the vulvar lips. This can interfere with natural mating, cause problems with urination and the protruding tissue is vulnerable to trauma and infection.

Minor prolapses can be managed without surgery and will regress once the bitch comes out of heat. However, severe cases may require surgery. In either case, prolapse is likely to recur unless the bitch is spayed before her next heat.

This condition is potentially serious and you should visit your local vet as soon as possible so they can examine your dog to confirm the diagnosis and determine the correct course of action. In the meantime it is important that the prolapsed tissue be protected. It is important that you keep her in a clean area with a non-abrasive floor and that the prolapsed tissue be kept clean and moist. You can clean the area with warm salty water and use ordinary lube or artificial tears. It is also important you make sure she is not cleaning the area excessively because it can result in self mutilation. This can be prevented with an Elizabethan collar.
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This is not normal and could be a vaginal prolapse. Have your cat examined by a veterinarian to determine if this is the case. They can reduce the prolapse and discuss appropriate treatment. If severe enough this can lead to infection, tissue death, and tissue injury. The vagina is a sensitive organ and prolapse can cause damage.

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