How Old Are Female Dogs When They Stop Going Into Heat And No Longer Can Have Puppies? Maybe I Should Have Said She Was 10 1/2 Years Old


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There is no concept of menopause in female dogs but sometimes their heat period stops only for a certain period of time but then it starts again. It means that a female ceases her fertility but she will go into heat period. Even an old female dog can get pregnant as well sometimes. The only way to stop it from getting into heat is to spay the dog.
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Different breeds have different heat cycles. Usually average age when big female dogs stop going into heat is 15 years. The best way to stop your dogs go crazy is to get her spayed.
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No one can answer that question. I have seen dogs go into menopause by skipping a heat and I have seen dogs conceive but because they were older and always had puppies every six months, they had fewer and fewer pups as the years went on. I have also seen a 11 year old dog have pups even though the litter was very small. It all depends on all your dog has been through and her health.

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I rescued a dog & the rescue place said she was 2 but my vets said she was between 8 & 10?
How do you know?

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I had many dogs over 50 years...One female was in heat for the 10 of the 15 years I had her.
It only stopped after a had her fixed, which was due to a tumor she had.
I'm not a vet, but I would safely say 8 years because I had 3 female dogs who attracted males for that period of time, give or take a year.

Type in Google..Questions for a Veterinary, and go from there.

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