How Do You Check The PH Of A Wasp Or Bee Sting?


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The pH of a wasp sting is pH 10
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Although the following answer could be considered cruel to the insects used it is probably the best way to set about it. you would firstly require several wasps, squeezing the sternum should release the venom through the sting. when you have a sufficient amount of the venom you can test the pH as you would any other liquid, by using either litmus paper, universal indicator, or an electronic pH reader. You should find the wasp sting is about pH 6.8-6.9 and bee stings are about pH 5.0-5.5.
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PH 6.8-6.9

so contrary to popular belief they are NEUTRAL and therefore can not be neutralized as they already are.

Although bee stings are PH 5-5.55 and therefore can, if you get to all the venom...

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