Why Is My Neutered Male Cat So Grumpy?


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If he was neutered recently it is possible he is still feeling some discomfort from the procedure.  If this is the case contact your veterinarian for pain management options.  For several days after visiting a veterinary hospital cats can be grumpy but do not associate procedures done at the clinic with their owners long term.  They may associate the procedure with the clinic itself.  We need to be careful not to put too much human emotion and reasoning skills on pets.  They are smarter than many give them credit for but there is a limit.  You should not feel guilty for having your cat neutered and being a responsible pet owner.

If he was not neutered recently have him examined by a veterinarian.  There may be a medical cause for this behavior.  Again he may be in pain perhaps from a cat fight, abscess, or trauma he experienced while outside.  He is a little young for certain diseases (like hyperthyroidism) that can lead to behavior changes.

Think about his environment and see if you can figure out if anything has changed.  Also think about his daily routine to see if this has been interrupted.

If there is a behavioral cause your veterinarian can work with you on behavior modifying techniques and prescribe behavioral modifying medication if appropriate.

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You just had his manhood removed, perhaps he is angry with you. Cats are very intelligent creatures who are good at holding grudges, he must associate you calling hi with what you had done.
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He was neutered at about a year old. He now almost 4. His anger startes several months ago. I just don't know what type of medical che4ck up to ask for or what outragous cost I could be looking at because of procedures that may need to be done for a mysterious problem. If someone could recommend a few different procedures to ask my veteranirian I would appreciate it. Thank you

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