Why Is My Cat Peeing On My Carpet In The Corner Of The Room?


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I have many friends who have had the same problem.  Some experienced the cat peeing on the furniture or the couch, in the bed, or in their litter box.  It is frustrating when your cat is peeing all over the house.  

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The litter box may be too full. Once they start peeing there they will continue to do it. I have a cat and I baby sat my sisters cat for a month and my cat was peeing in the corner too. I then got another litter box and changed the carpet in that area and she stopped. There are things that you can get to help get rid of the smell and that also helps them to stop peeing there.
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It is what sex it is if your cat is a boy it will scent a spot so no other cat will go like 2 meters near it,and if you have a female cat that makes it worse because it is trying to acctract the girl cats
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Most probably because she can. She is a cat. Cats rule. Cats need to let you know they rule. So she is marking this as HER territory. Some cats will always do this. A few cats (type B personality) can be intimidated or trained into not doing this. If so minor measures such as squirt bottle or paper ball along with angry voice will be sufficient.

If it is a new cat they simply may not trust you yet. I suggest you shut them in the cat box room until you establish that trust. Oh yes boy cats are by nature more prone to marking and Type A behavior. Some people think neutering helps. I am not so sure but I seem to recall they can remove scent glands at the same time. So at least the degree of stench can be reduced and unwanted kittens prevented.

There is a small possibility that there is something objectionable about where the cat box is located. For instance cats do not like it if lots of cold AC air hits them during cat box use. Cleaning the cat box regularly is more important for some cats than others. Some want it changed almost after every use. And some humans change the cat box only when it becomes a sopping mess (I do NOT blame those cats for selecting any other location).

If it looks like your cat is marking and you have gotten past the squirt bottle stage or thrown newspaper ball (at the moment it is happening or just happened) -- it is time to get a new cat or consider yourself trained to accept the marking location.

You can try putting the litter box there at the cat selected mark spot if you are trained. This may or may not help. If the cat does not like you they will make a point of missing the box or find somewhere else.

Why you may need to get a new cat.

Cats usually know exactly what the dispute is over. Cats are generally not as stupid as extreme animal rights activists would like you to think -- though (like people) there are exceptions. But consider that really most cats are not tame. They are just lazy enough that if they trust you they hang around for free food and grooming. Using the cat box is more a matter of us fitting a domestic appliance to a normal wild cat behavior.

Unfortunately beating a cat is not just cruel, it is pointless. If it is a question of dominance (Type A personality cat) you have lost before you began. Placing the cat outside most the time will not help. The cat will save pee to mark when let inside -- and they will likely have fleas etc as well. Swap cats with the shelter or someone who has a type B cat and does not mind type A cat behavior (you know the friend whose house you are afraid to visit despite being a good friend).
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My cat did the same thing, and I found out that the previous tenants had a cat who ALSO peed in the same spot.  Cats, 4 some nasty reason, can't help but mark over their territory if they smell another cat's scent there.  It's not your cat's fault, it's part of their nature.  All you can really do 2 SOLVE the problem is tear up the carpeting & padding, OR (yikes!) kick the cat out of the house (I know, wrong answer!).
  Unfortunately, once that smell soaks into a rug, upholstery, wood, etc, it's there- FOR GOOD.  Sprays, foams and other urine/ pet odor 'removers' will only mask the smell- and possibly deter your cat from peeing there- but the results r minimal and very temporary.
  I wish you the best of luck and hope you can resolve the problem- without gutting your house OR giving your cat the boot!!  LOL
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he will find a hidden place to pee
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