Why Is My Male Cat Super Clingy And Why Is My Female Cat Totally Opposite?


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Wow. Your male cat is so sweet. One reason behind this is that it was the first pet that came and at then it was only u who accompanied hit. But later when the female cat came, it had you as well as male partner. So it is showing different attitude. Another reason behind its odd behavior, hiding from in dark lonely places, indicates that most probably your cat has conceived young ones. It is a sign of pregnancy so you should not worry about it. If it is pregnant then let it do what it is doing. In case it is not pregnant then give it more time and attention to make it more comfortable. Does your male cat get aggressive when the female cat is around you? It can also be one of the reasons.
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Over the years I have had many pets. Cats, Dogs, Rats etc... And I have found that Male animals seem to be more loving than female. I have no idea why, My Big White German Shepherd used to follow me and trip me up a lot and my little Collie Cross girl does her own thing at home! I have heard that boys (children) are more loving than girls too. Although I have two boys and only one follows me everywhere!
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There's absolutely nothing wrong with your cats. Males do seem to have a more loving nature, while females seem to be a bit more standoffish, and form an attachment to only one person. I've seen exceptions to both, but I can tell you that my male cat did everything your male does, and more. He fetched glitter balls, and everytime he sensed I was going to leave, he dropped them by the bathroom door, when I was taking a shower, and also by the outside door. I guess he thought I would pass up going somewhere so I could play with him. He would cry so loud, that I could hear him when I went down the hall and steps of my apartment building. In the nearly 17 years he was alive, I never could be alone unless I shut the door, and then he would just cry and throw himself against the door. My female is another story. She wants only me, and when she was younger, would drool incesantly when I held her. I asked the vet what was wrong with her, and she said drooling in an otherwise healthy cat is the ultimate in happiness! Yuck, sometimes I wished she hadn't been quite so happy! I digress, again it's just the personalities of your cats, and there's nothing wrong with either of them. Also, a cat that is ill will not follow you, but has a tendency to hide.

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