At What Age Can A Kitten Be Adopted Out From Its Mother?


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Ideally, a kitten will stay with its mother until it is twelve weeks old. Kittens learn everything they know from their mothers and, if they are taken away too young, they miss out on important lessons.

Why shouldn't a kitten be re-homed before twelve weeks?
A kitten's immune system isn't fully developed before ten weeks of age, and so it is very important that it is kept with its mother until this time at least.

At eight weeks old, some breeders will begin to re-home their kittens, but this is the age at which kittens start to learn how to recognise and interpret cat body language. If this stage is missed by the kitten, then it can cause problems later on.

Some kittens will continue to nurse for up to twelve weeks. If a kitten is taken away from its mother too early, it can develop the habit of 'wool sucking', which is when it will chew or suck on fabric, hands or clothing.

By twelve weeks, the kitten should have had all its vaccination shots and should be ready to go to its new home.  Kittens who have had twelve weeks to learn from their mothers are often healthier, better socialised, and more confident.
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They need to be with their mama and have their mama's milk until no earlier than 5 weeks, but 6 is best.
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It's best to allow the kittens to be with their mother until 8 weeks old. Some humane societies are waiting until kittens are 10-12 weeks old, before allowing their adoptions. I think 10-12 weeks is a bit too old, and 5-6 weeks, too young. I adopted 2 kittens when they were 7 weeks old, and I believe they could have used that extra week with their mothers.
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It is recommended that they have at least 12 weeks with their mother, full explanation is given here:

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