Do Neutered Male Cats Still Get The Urge To Go Out And Mate?


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No, at least not normally. I have had many male neutered cats and none of them have ever shown such an interest. However it may make a difference IF the male neuter has previously mated, which is why I said not normally no.   The reason I say this is because I do know that a neutered male dog ( and so perhaps cats too!!)   can still show an interest in a bitch BUT only if he has previously mated. This has been known to happen now and again and even includes the tie but of course no offspring. I have read this info. Down the years in many different dog books written by vets.
      It is as if they remember.      So the usual call for castration of child molesters is said to not always work as they too have their memory, plus of course   other ways. A very interesting subject this is I think.
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No because they have been castrated and have no male hormones left to drive them to do so.

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