My Mini Poodle Began To Yelp When He Was Picked Up And Then Became Lethargic And Now Will Not Move Off Of The Bed. We Took Him Out To Urinate This Morning, Which He Did, But Hasn't Done Much Else Since Then. He Is Also Shivering On And Off. Can You Help?


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Those symptoms can mean multiple things. My Pit puppy got into rat poison a month ago..we didn't know about it until the symptoms starting showing up a couple days later after a long walk. First sign was that he would yelp when we'd pick him up..then he became lethargic and wouldn't move. We had to carry him outside and he would just stand there with his head down looking at us. He barely ate or drank anything, his breathing became labored and his gums/tongue were not anywhere close to being pink. I would definitely bring your dog to the vet. Symptoms for our dog came out on Sat., we took him to the ER vet and they diagnosed him with a bone disorder...monday morning I rushed him to our normal vet and he had to stay in the hospital for 3 days thereafter because he had actually ingested poison. If his breathing becomes labored and/or if he's losing the pigment in his gums/tongue then thats a def. Sign that something serious is going on and you definitely need to take him somewhere to be checked out....hope everything works out good for you and your pup.
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Well my dog did the same thing and he is a miniature poodle. He had been in the woods and he got something that is called Lyme Disease. He yelped when we picked him up and he shivered pretty much all the time. He was limping for a while but then he just stopped walking. The vet first said his hip was displaced, because thats common in poodles, but then we took him to another vet and he tested positive for Lyme Disease from a deer tick. So basically, I would look into Lyme disease.

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