My Dog Is Vomiting Yellow Foam, She Won't Eat, Her Stomach Is Making Weird Noises, And She Won't Move Around At All. What Could Be Wrong With Her?


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Continuous bile or yellow foamy vomiting in dogs can be due to a condition called that is caused by foods and eating habits like rapid eating, over eating, nervousness, stress, dry foods and all other foods which can cause irritation in GI tract. Bloat in dogs is life threatening condition and is characterized by air or gases in stomach after eating. This condition can increase pressure on other organs and abdominal veins, and stomach can be twisted. This condition can cause death if not treated. Symptoms of bloat are:

1) Restlessness
2) Drooling
3)Unproductive and foamy vomiting.

Blood works are required to diagnose bloat in dogs. Bloat in dogs is medical emergency and requires vet visit immediately.
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I have 2 dogs, one is a puppy. My puppy started to get very weak and vomiting yellow foam 2 days ago, now my older dog has started vomiting yellow foam as well, what could it be, and what should i do.

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