Cat Won't Eat, Can't Move Back Legs, And Is Lethargic?


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Christine NZ answered
If your cat can't move his/her back legs, I hope you've had him checked by a vet since you asked the question? Several things could cause the loss of use of his/her legs and only a vet can diagnose and treat (if possible), once they know what is wrong.  Pinched nerve, injury from being hit by car, injury from a fall, saddle thrombosis, poisoning .. The list goes on.

It's been over 14 hours since you asked your question.  How's the kitty now?

All the best ....
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Sarah answered
I would take the cat to the vet asap to get a checkup.
If the cat goes a long time without eating it can damage their liver and they can develop all sorts of problems. Try and see if your cat will eat some of its favourite food. Make sure you leave some cat milk or fresh water down so your cat does not get dehydrated. Also check his/her litter-tray, if they have diarrhea and not eating/drinking they may be dehydrated and will need medical help.

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