My Dog Is Very Weak, And Can't Use Its Front Or Back Legs. What Can I Do? What Is Causing This?


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You need to take your dog to your nearest vet immediately! If your dog has lost the use of any leg, let alone all four, it is sure to be a serious problem which needs to be dealt with straightaway.

Why can't my dog use its front or rear legs?
  • Arthritis attacks the joints of an animal and so this could be the cause of your dog's current predicament.
  • Your dog may have suffered some sort of trauma, which is why it has lost the use of its legs or is weak. Perhaps your dog has been hit by a car or has been in a fight with another animal without you having realised.
  • Other more serious diseases could have caused this problem, especially those that attack the spinal cord or brain of the animal.
Unfortunately, without seeing the dog, I cannot give you much advice, but what I cannot stress enough is that you need to take your animal to the vet - immediately!
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It could be arthritis which is common in older dogs just like humans.

If this is sudden, take him/her to the vet immediately as they could be getting weaker because of an illness.

Monitor if they are eating properly and breathing properly. Any abnormalities should be reported to the vet.

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