How Does It Feel To Ride A Horse?


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I've ridden motorcycles over 150MPH and riding a horse is alot scarier. Walking a horse isn't too bad - slow and easy pace, kind of plops along. Get one going at a gallop and you have 1000LBS. Of animal underneath you that you are holding onto with your knees against the side of the saddle . Your feet in the stirrups and your hands on the reigns. And that's it. And there ain't no brake pedal - trust me, I looked for one!
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You'll love the way the wind whips your face as you tumble across wide open fields...your horse may or may not lead you into a thick patch of brambles, and they may gouge your eyes'll feel like you're on top of the world on your horse, but when they buck you off and you end up in the ER, you may not feel the same. It's great.
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To ride a horse is like to borrow freedome.
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It is wow!! Um my 20 year old aunt was supposed to take me but never did!! I am so mad at her
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It's a little scary putting your trust into something so big.  Once your over the initial fear it's alot of fun.  It's a real bonding experience with an animal.  I recommend giving it a chance if you get the opportunity.
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To a rider a horse is not a pet and not just a friend, he is your best friend. A listener, a partner, a team mate. Your horse does not care how many times you may come off, how covered in dirt you are, and at the end of the day: What color ribbon you got. Because it is your horse who will be there for you, to love you, to cherish every moment with you. To talk to you and listen.

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It feels like you are free but it can be scary when you first get on but after a couple rides you will love it if you do it right! Dont worry
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It is amazing i have been riding for 6 years and i love it it is like you are just riding the wind but if you do not trust the horse well not so fun!
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I don't know.I hope to soon.I love horses myself and hope one day to have a ranch with tons of horses.-Iamlegend

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