Will A Rooster Hurt The Baby Chicks When They Hatch? Also My Hen's Nest Is In The Air -Will The Babies Be Okay When They Are Hatched?


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Well I will try my best to help you solve this problem as it is very important to you. Firstly the chicks that hatch are really small and you should keep an eye on the eggs so you can take care of them when they hatch. Furthermore as you have said that the nest is in the air there is a risk that the chicks may fall down and hurt themselves. So if there is an alternative use it. Also Roosters in many cases do not attack chicks if they hatch but there is always that risk factor as he may see the chicks as a threat and harm them. So you may want to keep the Rooster away from the chicks when they hatch. Hope everything turns out okay. 
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My rooster is indifferent to the chicks that were hatched in the hen house however when they started walking around some of the other hens would try to peck at them acting.... Jealous? Momma was always there to cover them tho so they were all fine. If your hen house is off the ground the chicks will not be able to get up the ramp once they go out, my hen adapted and kept her brood under the sided hen house. If your nest box is off the floor of the hen house  put eggs on the ground so they can get out after hatching without dropping and breaking bones.
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Well my roosters don't really hurt them it depends if they are aggressive or not. The babies will be fine if you take them out when they hatch

hope this helps!
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My chickens are sitting on there eggs and the rooster is in there my friend has chickens he tolled me that his roosters usually never hurt them but in one case he said one killed all of the chicks.
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No the rooster shouldn't hurt them but in the invent that he does you may want to put in in another part of the yard until they are bigger

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