What Are The Benefits Of Having A Rooster When You Have Hens And Only Want Eggs?


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If you only want eggs, you don't need the rooster!  He's only there to fertilize the eggs if you want more baby chicks.
In fact, most hens that lay grocery store eggs have never seen a rooster. 

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No rooster is needed just to have eggs. If you need to replenish your
flock then you will need 1 rooster for 8-10 hens to get fertile eggs.
I just buy more hens when I need them and if they send a rooster or 2
I'll save them for the table.
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Well if you have multiple roosters(like me) they usually mate with the hens. You can still eat fertile eggs. The benefits are warning you when something is near!

Hope this helps!
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Well dear!
Truly speaking, hens do not need the rooster to lay eggs and eggs are produce in result to the day light patterns. Most of the hens lay eggs near 18 weeks to 20 weeks. You can more information about it from the given link:
Rooster for eggs
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I always kept a rooster but wanted eggs, meat, and replacement hens.  I have also worked on an egg farm and as Ruthie62 said hens are crowded into small cages and never see a rooster or blade of grass.  I prefer the deep yellow yolks that the greens provide.
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You need the rooster to produce the eggs. If not then you will not get any eggs. Give it time they will start laying more!!! We use to raise chickens and this how I know.
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You absolutely do not need a rooster for egg laying. Some chicken owners say that hens are happier without being romanced by a rooster, others believe that hens are calmer with a rooster around-something to do with the "pecking order." In fact, sometimes if there are only hens, one will start to mimic rooster behavior, i.e. Trying to crow...I would guess that such a hen is at the top of the pecking order (Roosters are, I think, always at the top).

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