If Cocktail Eggs Don't Hatch In Three Months Will They Ever Hatch?


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Cockatiel eggs, if fertile, usually hatch within 21 days, however sometimes they may hatch a couple of days earlier, or perhaps a week later than normal depending upon the temperature of the room. One way of telling if an egg is fertile is to check it approximately 2 weeks after being laid and the hen starts to sit. Simply shine a flashlight on the egg. If it appears to have a greyish cast, the egg is fertile and the grey is a shadow of the chick inside. However, if the egg is completely light or has a slight pinkish cast, the egg is unsually infertile.
First of all do you have an actual pair of cockatiels? The male has a yellow face with vivid orange cheek patches; calls, wolf whistles and is quite vocal. The female has little yellow in the face area, the orange cheek patches are dull in color, and she is more lovable and docile than the male. Both the male and female can talk, however it takes more time and patience for the female to learn to talk and her vocabulary will be lesser than that of a male. To sex some of the various colorations of the cockatiel, such as the lutino, lutino whiteface, albino and some pied variations, it is best to check the pelvic bone structure, located between the legs of the bird. By feeling the area, it is noted that there is a gap between the two pelvic bones on the female, permitting egg laying, and with the male the two bones feel as one, no gap. Also when sitting on a perch, the male often sits with his feet next to each other while the female sits with her feet apart, due to the pelvic bone structure.
Next, how old are the pair? It is best to breed birds when they are a year or more. Letting a hen breed before a year old can be asking for trouble. Young hens are noted at times to become egg bound more so than a year or older hen. Egg binding will kill a hen unless treated by a vet, or a professional bird breeder.

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