My Baby Indian Ringneck Makes A Noise Like They Would In The Wild When They Want Food. He Does It To My Toes And Mouth Why?


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My baby bird is an indian ringneck and he bobs his why dose he do that
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My indian ring neck (5 months old) puts her head back, lifts her wings and clucks when I pet her back. She does that "clucking" noise a lot. For example, I'll have her on my shoulder and when I look at her she'll whistle or cluck. She will try to take food out of my mouth when I'm eating something. Does she think I am a mate, or a mom? Is there a different reason she does this?
    I have heard of adult female birds laying false eggs. If my bird is a female, how will I know, early, when she is going to have an egg? Is there any way to prevent her from having one with out  not showing her any love?
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Ahem, he wants you to barf up some food and feed it to him. He's made you into his mama.

Not sure why he does it to your toes, maybe they remind him of other baby birds?

Parrots and related birds prove their love by regurgitating food to each other. Just as parrot parents feed their babies this way, older parrots show love by feeding each other,

Don't worry, you shouldn't ever need to stick your finger down your throat. Don't encourage him too much, either, though, because he may think you want him to sick something special up to feed to you.

Just stroke him and tell him you love him and don't bob your head in unison (unless you actually quite like half-digested birdseed as a mid-morning snack). Technically it probably wouldn't hurt you if you did eat some, mind.

Get a good parrot care book so you can be sure you understand more of his behaviors and needs. You're lucky if you have a ringneck that loves you so much, I had one that was mean and onery.

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