How Is An Unborn Baby Gorilla Protected?


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Female gorillas are fiercely protective of their young. The baby gorillas are in their mother's wombs for about eight to nine-and-a-half months. When the gorillas are born, they weigh only about three to four pounds.

Mother gorillas get pregnant about three times on an average during their life span. The birth weight of a newborn human being is about twice that of a newborn gorilla. In terms of kilograms, a newborn gorilla weighs anything between 1.4 to two kilograms.

A baby gorilla continues to enjoy the full protection and care of its mother until it is three or four years old. It is nurtured carefully by the mother gorilla until it is about four years old. It learns to crawl by the time it is just two months old and walk before it is about nine months old. This is much earlier than a human baby learns to take its first steps on its own.
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They are in their mother's wombs for about eight to nine-and-a-half months
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Gorillas are fierce nobody is going to mess with them !!!!!
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Protected against what? It would still be in the mummy gorillas tummy.  And I wouldn't mess with her..

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