Is an chicken egg still fertile after being refrigerated?


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Are you asking if the egg can still be hatched?

It is POSSIBLE if the egg was only briefly refrigerated then it MIGHT still be able to be incubated. I have had hens setting on nests that they got off of in very cold weather, or perhaps allowed an egg to roll out and get chilled. The eggs can still hatch, but the incubation time is lengthened in that case. I have had them hatch up to a week after the expected date (I was about to toss them, thinking they were surely dead by then).

If you mean to do it as an experiment, I would NOT recommend it. I have heard of people incubating and hatching fertilized eggs that have been refrigerated and if they were successful, the result has been sick and malformed chicks.

If you are just worried about "eating baby chicks" because of eggs, you really don't need to worry. If the eggs have not been placed in an incubator or kept very warm (like by being set on by a hen ... And for a while, not just for the brief time they naturally spend in the nest when laying), then the embryo will not have started to develop. A fertilized egg can only be determined from a non-fertilized egg by a very small, very slight color change on the yolk (looks like a tiny light bullseye), and then only after it has begun to develop.

Some people think the spots they sometimes see in eggs, or a drop of blood indicates a fertilized egg or a baby chick. That is actually not the case. It is a defect in the laying hen that allows a tiny bit of tissue to be encased within the shell as it passes through development before being laid. Usually such hens are culled if they can be identified, and the eggs don't usually make it to market in that state.
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No, the cold will kill off the embryo , and the egg should be discarded . 
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If the chickens egg was fertile then refrigerating it could have killed it.... Chicken eggs typically need to be kept in incubation or have the hen sitting on them to keep them very warm... So I don't know if it would have survived being refrigerated
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Was said chicken near a rooster ?  Eggs that we eat aren't baby chickens  its more of what the chickens would eat. Most eggs hens aren't near roosters so therefor no baby chickens in said eggs

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