What Is The Scientific Term For Babies Hatched From Eggs?


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There is no set scientific term for every type of baby that is hatched from an egg, given that there are so many species of animal that hatch eggs, from different aspects of the Animal Kingdom. There is a general name for any animal that has just hatched from an egg, which is a hatchling. After this, however, this changes meaning that a baby ant will undoubtedly have a different name to a baby bird. However, there is a name for animals that lay eggs which finish their reproduction stage outside of the mother's womb and these are called oviparous animals.

There are many interesting facts surrounding the topic of eggs and babies that come from them, such as:

• The ostrich has the largest egg that is known, which is approximately around 3.3lbs from the stage when it is laid. Alternatively, the smallest bird egg that is known to man comes from the bee hummingbird and is only around half a gram in weight. Insects and invertebrates lay eggs that are even smaller yet.
• The eggs of reptiles and birds are surrounded with a protective shell which is either flexible or inflexible, depending on the movement of the unhatched animal.
• The study of eggs, especially in regards to birds alone is called oology. This also includes the collection of different eggs from all over the world.
• Eggs that are laid in nests inland generally need to be kept in warm temperatures, nothing too hot and nothing too cold.
• After an animal has hatched from its egg, the parents generally eat the shell for nutrients and nourishment. This can be dangerous for the offspring as eggs are a primary food source for many predators including certain breeds of snake, raccoons, skunks and otters.

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