My Dog Has Had Diarrhea For Over A Week, What Do You Recommend?


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There are many different things that can cause diarrhea in pets and humans alike.  Excessive diarrhea could be an indication of a more serious condition and can lead to dehydration and other serious complications.   You should consult your vet's office as you would your doctor's office if the same where true of a human in your household.   Many times, calling ahead can save you a wasted trip or save you an emergency visit when a general appointment will do. 

Unless the symptoms are extreme, calling your vet's office would be the best place to start.  They will generally give you suggestions and if they are concerned, ask you to bring your dog in.  Rushing to the vet's office is not always necessary and a simple call ahead can set your expectations and alleviate your fears. 

Diarrhea can be mild or severe and the treatments differ.  If your litter of two week old puppies gets diarrhea, it very likely could be worms.  In a young puppy, diarrhea can be caused by viruses and parasites.  Getting a stool sample to the vet is important to check for Trichomonas , Coccidia, Giardia or other possible infection.  If you have recently changed his or her food, this could contribute to unhappy digestive systems.   Diarrhea from change is common. You need to deal with it and not ignore it.

Some dogs and puppies can get diarrhea from the excitement or stress of being away and then coming home or moving to a new home.  Some get doggy flu bugs while others could to eat an unfamiliar or strange food and cause stomach upset. You can ask your vet for a sheet on what to do for diarrhea.  Each vet' office has slightly different versions but they all have a these FAQ sheets for common ailments to assist patients and limit the non emergency 'Emergency' visits.
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Diarrhea is actually caused by infections, worms or diet imbalance. You should consult the vet immediately, because it may be very dangerous if not cured right away. Try feeding your dog light diet. Make him a cup of rice and mix it with ground beef.Feed only this to your dog.And please do not delay in taking your dog to the doctor. The following link may help you a bit.
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Consult the vet.. Test for parvo!!! My puppy was in contact with another puppy that had Parvo this weekend I took him to the vet and the vet said there was no need for me to test him for Parvo since he was playful and not vomiting instead he gave him his second vaccine. By that night he started vomiting. The following morning I demanded a parvo test which resulted in Positive.
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My dog has diarrhea for over a few weeks... I am a new pet owner and never had any problems with my dog. (ROC)     I know enough that I tried to change his dog food... But its not helping and I'm scared to take him to the vet, because I never had him check out or even been seen by a vet dr. This dog was giving to me about 3yrs ago and we never had ny problems... And not to mention the kind of dog that I have.. He's a (Roc)....
What to do????/

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