My Dog Has Had Diarrhea For 3 Days. She Goes 4-5 Times A Day Watery No Blood. What Should I Do?


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Make sure that chicken has the fat removed or any oil or fat of any sort.  Really, when your dog has loose stools, you should only feed it white rice and the broth until it's better.  I don't know the circumstances or the age of the dog, but if it continues after feeding the rice for more than a day, then you should consider a vet.  You should also try and figure out if the dog is eating something that it shouldn't be, since it also has gas.  Dogs can have serious food allergies too, but they also get garbage gut.  That's eating things, like toys or shoestrings, or whatever.  It can kill a dog.  Normally, a dog won't have bloody stools, but ones with mucus, so take care.  The mucus means that the object is stuck, where blood means there is some movement.  One more thing?  If the dog is a puppy or been around a puppy and the stools are really foul smelling, you should consider seeing a vet. ASAP
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Thanks for your input. Sammie is much better today. She is a little over 1 year old and is just a great dog. So we worry more than we probably should. Thanks again for answering!
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Especially if this dog is an unvaccinated puppy or young adult dog (usually 2 years or less) then parvo is a big concern.  Other causes of bloody diarrhea include viral infection (other than parvo), dietary indiscretion (garbage gut), pancreatitis, intestinal parasites, giardia, intestinal bacterial overgrowth, kidney disease, and liver disease.  The gut is the stress organ for dogs so many things can cause diarrhea.
Regardless of the cause this dog needs treatment (supportive care).  Fluid therapy is necessary for dehydration, medication to treat the diarrhea, and anti-nausea/appetite stimulants to encourage appetite.  Describing your dog as lifeless is very concerning.  Please have this dog assessed by a veterinarian immediately.
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He has had parvo already and we treated him for it and luckily he survived it with lots of money later.... And he is up to date on all his shots as well, we have not changed his food at all... We are taking him to the vet on Monday thank you for all your answers and all your help.
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You need to go to the vet and have some blood tests done before he gets to bad!!!! Best of luck to you!!!! And hope he gets better!!!!
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Get him to the Vet immediately this could be Parvo Virus, we lost 2 puppies this way, not knowing what was wrong... For more info, go to, hope he gets better soon..
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If you have recently changed the dogs food this could be the cause. Be sure he is getting plenty of H2O or he will get dehydrated. If you haven't changed the diet I would go to the vet.
Good luck!

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