My Dog Ate Thanksgiving Turkey And Has Diarrhea, What Should I Do?


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As long as your dog has a normal energy level, is interested in food, and is not vomiting you can try feeding a bland diet.  A good bland diet is boiled chicken or beef, and boiled rice.  Plain yogurt and canned pumpkin are also good for diarrhea.  This will help settle the dog's intestinal system.  
If you dog is still having diarrhea after 2 days, starts vomiting, stops eating and becomes lethargic take your dog in for veterinary medical attention.

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I would not jump to any conclusions too soon. Even humans reject food sometimes and the body considers it an invasion. Find out who fed the dog. If it was a guest, for future family dinners tell all that the animals are not to be fed without permission. Of course if his illness increase I'd take him to the vet.  Throwing up is another way to purge what the body does not want. Like humans, if throwing up passes the first one, make sure you replace fluids. Besides dehydration, electros can be affected. When they are off, one can appear drunk and disoriented. I do hope it is nothing serious.
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Don't feed him caned dog food it will only make it worse feed him hard dog feed and make sure he drinks a lot hope this helps
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My dog ate turkey what should I do he is a yorke-poo about 23 pounds

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