Why Is My Dog Having Diarrhea All The Time But Still Acts Fine And Wants To Eat And Play?


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Most gastrointestinal upset in dogs is mild and self-limiting.  If it lasts more than 2-3 days, if dogs stop eating or drinking, or start vomiting they need to be examined by a veterinarian.
If your dog still has diarrhea tomorrow she needs to be examined by a veterinarian and have a fecal analysis performed.  If she is experiencing weight loss or dehydration she needs to be examined at this time.
You can try feeding a bland diet--boiled chicken or hamburger and boiled rice--this is easily digestible and helps settle the stomach and intestines.  Also feed canned pumpkin (fiber) at a dose of 1/2-1 teaspoon twice daily depending upon the size of your dog.  Give plain yogurt (a good probiotic) at a dose of 1/2-1 teaspoon twice daily depending upon the size of your dog.
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If the diarrhea is not accompanied by other symptoms like blood in stool, fever or vomiting then wait for 24 hours and if it does not stop than take him to vet to avoid dehydration. Diarrhea in dogs can be due to parasite, food allergy or change of diet or any intestinal infection.
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I have a 4 year old bassett hound he is allergic to everything so is on a immune therapy treatment, he has diarrhea all the time I have always fed him a fresh food diet of chicken and rice and biscuit my other basset has the same no problems I just don't no what to give him he is ok in himself I think the treatment he is on does not help but he has to have it has anyone got any ideas on what I could feed him ....
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This can be caused by inappropriate diet, internal parasites, infections, metabolic diseases and toxins.  If your pet is bright and alert and otherwise well and showing no other symptoms the general approach is to starve for 24 hours.  Allow water during this time, you can also provide lectade to maintain hydration.  After 24 hours introduce a bland diet of cooked chicken and rice.  If all goes well you can wean him back onto his normal diet.  You should also worm your dog.  Adult dogs should be wormed every 3 months.
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My dog had this I don't remember what they said it was  but it could be kennel cough so take it to the vet immediately
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I had a 2 year old Bassett Hound that started having severe diarrhea. He had all of his vaccinations, and I had him wormed and checked for all parasites that could cause this. I gave him a bland diet and made sure his water dish was very clean. He had an odd smell (like sour apple juice) and began licking his rear so that he was actually eating his own waste as it came out. The weather was getting colder and i asked the vet if he could check him into the clinic for testing. He told me that i would have to give him $1000.00 to start any testing or treatment on a dog with chronic diarrhea. He wouldn't take payments and i didn't have that much money, so i lost my dog. He was put to sleep, and i was heartbroken. I never even found out what was wrong with him. I think that vet insurance may be a good idea for people who can't come up with emergency vet fees. This year i also looked up chronic diarrhea on in the Encyclopedia of Canine Veterinary Medicine, and it said that there can be many reasons why this happens. I feed the 2 dogs i have now a quality dog food that is mostly chicken and rice, and i add cooked plain chicken to this at times. The only other treats they get are cooked peas and carrots and dog biscuits. When one new puppy (a 5 lb Dachshund) had been vet checked and still had diarrhea i gave him some plain yogurt and it cleared up right away . Thank-you to the people who gave out this information.
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That is so sad you had to put your dog down. I'm so sorry. For the question, you could try sensitive stomach formulas of dog food. Our boxer started having diarrhea and we just switched the food. Also, don't feed him any other table scraps :)

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