My Dog Has Regular Diarrhea, What Should I Do?


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I would suggest changing the dog food. Sometimes the real cheap stuff dose that. I have found Pedigree and Purina is the best for the price. But you will have to switch out the dog food in portions don't just give your dog all new dog food. Put 1/4 of new and the rest the old stuff. Then in a couple of days you see your dog is eating what you give em' put half new half old. So on and so on. Until the bowl of food is nothing but the new dog food. Which ever one you decide. Hope it helps but you can always call your vet for more advise!!
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It means that it has developed some sort of allergy for a certain food item which you are giving it to.Try changing its diet and see if it makes some improvement otherwise get it checked from animal doctor.
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If you are using the cheap stuff that's way. But if not that then try gradually switch dog food. Don't do it too fast you will have the same probable or he won't eat it at all. So just remember to do it gradually!!! :)
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If your dog has occasional diarrhea then no need to do any thing because it does not requires treatment. If your dogs has consistent diarrhea then stop giving him any food, keep him hydrated and take him to vet for diagnosis and treatment because many conditions can cause diarrhea in dogs. If diarrhea is bloody and also accompanied by vomiting then it is an medical emergency and vet visit is necessary immediately. Following are some common causes of diarrhea in dogs.

1. Bacterial, viral and fungal infection of GI tract
2. Intestinal parasites
3. Food allergy
4. Eating garbage
5. Changes in die
6. Anxiety
7. Stress
8. Symptoms of other diseases
9. Side effect of medicines
10. Cancer
11. Lymphoma

Treatment of diarrhea depends upon underlying cause, so it is necessary to diagnose cause before start of any treatment. That is why I recommend to take him to vet.

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