What Is A Home Remedy For Dog Diarrhea?


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Diarrhea is often mild and self-limiting-usually clears in 2-3 days.  Dogs can be pretty mischievous and often snack on things in the yard.  Diarrhea without loss of appetite, loss of thirst or lethargy is not an emergency.  Further signs of illness warrant further attention or again if the diarrhea has not resolved in 2-3 days.
At home treatment includes feeding a bland diet.  As long as your dog is not vomiting food should not be withheld.  A bland diet can include boiled chicken or hamburger, boiled rice, or cottage cheese.  Nothing that has spices or flavor--all these foods are easily digestible.  Add some plain yogurt--this has Lactobacillus a good pro-biotic for the gut.  Canned pumpkin (non-spiced) has fiber, is easy on the gut, and helps sweep things through.
If the diarrhea does not resolve at home contact your veterinarian for am exam, fecal analysis to screen for bacterial overgrowth, giardia, and intestinal parasites. 
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You could keep him hydrated but starve him for 24 hours and then slowly introduce small amounts of dry food if it were a parasite causing this then by still feeding him it will allow the parasite to keep going so fasting for 24 hours with just water then dry foods if no better a vets appointment may be better
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We give ours Kaopectate. We have 4 Yorkies and two have had problems over the years and this has always worked. My vets all say that it is fine as long as you don't use it often, itis hard on their kidneys. My dogs are between 3-12 pounds and for the smallest I use about 1/2tsp for the largest about a full tsp. And canned pumpkin without spice.
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Try giving your dog some cooked rice or oatmeal you can give him baby food with this in it too.and make sure to keep him hydrated.
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The vet told us to give our dog mac & cheese for upset stomache.  I don't know if it will help with the diarrhea.
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Lots of dry food...that's pretty much all you can do at home

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