Dog Has Diarrhea And Is Shaking No Vomiting, Why?


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All dogs shake when they are cold or wet and small dog breeds often shake for no reason. However regular shaking for no reason and combined with diarrhoea is not normal and needs to be addressed. The best advice to give here would be to take your dog to the vet. It is impossible to give an accurate diagnosis based on just a number of symptoms as these could be indicative of any number of problems. Without knowing exactly what the problem is, it is impossible to know how to best treat the problem. A vet will take into account the symptoms you have seen, and combined with their medical knowledge and any tests which they may be able to take, will come to a more accurate conclusion and therefore will be able to offer a suitable treatment.

The problem may be something as simple as worms which can be easily treated with a course of tablets. However, if left untreated even relatively small problems such as this can become life threatening. Shaking may also be indicative of fever, mites, Addison's disease and ear infections to name a few.

Take note of when your dog seems to shake and whether any environmental factors seem to be apparent at the time. It may be in a damp area or somewhere that your dog doesn't feel comfortable and this may be a sign of fear rather than an illness. The diarrhoea may just be a coincidence or due to an unsettled stomach caused by a strong fear (similar to how humans would get a sick feeling accompanying nervous butterflies). As with all cases of diarrhoea in animals; it is important to keep the animal well hydrated, as they will be losing water at a faster rate than usual.
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Uncomplicated cases of diarrhoea can be treated at home when the animal is not systemically affected (showing other signs of illness like vomiting, fever, abdominal pain, depression, lethargy).  However, in this case, because the diarrhoea is severe and your dog is shivering (a sign of pain and distress) I would recommend seeking veterinary attention.
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My dogs has it too and I am scared
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Canine diarrhea is symptom of many conditions and disorders like stress, anxiety, bacterial/viral/fungal/parasitic infection of gastrointestinal tract, food allergy, eating garbage, changes in diet, , symptoms of some other illnesses, lymphoma, cancer and side effects of many medicines.

Treatment of canine diarrhea depends upon underlying cause. Diagnosis may require blood tests, fecal tests or x-ray. After proper diagnosis your vet will prescribe medicines and will advise some preventive tips.

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