My 13-week-old Yellow Lab/ Alaskan Malamute Had His First Signs Of Parvo On The 11th With Diarrhea And Throwing Up All His Food And Was Very Lethargic. The Next Morning We Decided To Take Him To The Vet Since He Still Wasnt Eating Or Drinking, And Started Having Greyish Watery Diarrhea. Why?


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Is the crap like snot? Or did it look snot at one point ? Thats the Virus .. The blood you have seen is the virus . What it does it makes holes in the stomache  thats where you get the blood..
You are doing everything right keep on giving the Pedialyte get a syring and shot in the mouth cause sometimes they wont get up just to drink .. Don't make him eat he  will do on his own .. But try thoe put to his face . . You are goin to want to go to the vet to get pills .. The one that I got amoxil its so he wont get a infection .. Cause Also this virus goes for the heart muscles of the younge dogs :( Its goin to lose weight ,hes going to get skinny ,might even lose his hair .. Thats ok cause it will all come back ..Also pinch the back of his neck if it stays up even a few sec hes needs water ,pedialyte
write down everything . So you can keep track of everything hes doing and also so you can see a change in him .. Don't give on him its a lot of work ,give a lot of LOVE,LOVE ,LOVE
they will look depressed thats the virus
Ok so find a room that has good air cause its goin to smell . Get gloves ,get bags ,get Bleach , I don't know how bad your dog is but Parvo is really bad ..
I just went through this a few weeks ago with my dog she was 5 mths at the time .. We took her to the vet she was there for 5 days and we ran out of money so we had to take her out .. I did everything at home and Guess what Shes 100% fine :) so there is hope
som dogs are good in 24-48 hrs some dogs are not so in 2 weeks .. It took my girl 2 1\2 weeks and playing now like nothignn ever happen
good luck with you the best

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