My Boxer Is Acting Lethargic And Wont Eat What Could Be Wrong?


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Lethargy means late response to the external stimuli. This is general sign of illness in dogs. If lethargy continues for more than 24 hours then get advice from vet by taking your dog to him. Following are some common reasons of lethargy in dogs.

1. Electrolyte imbalance
2. Anemia
3. Cardiovascular disorders
4. Infections
5. Hormonal disorders
6. Cancer
7. Skin diseases
8. Eye diseases
9. Toxic reactions
10. Side effects of medicines
11. Immune diseases

So, take your dog to vet for diagnosis and treatment.
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Same thing with my 2..mine have just come home from the kennel after a week and are not the same..both are sick,vomiting,sneezing and says kennel cough as well as conjunctivitis (pink eye) this was a clean kennel. Maybe its from the vet itself as they had shots about a week before going to the kennel.

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