I Have Found A Brown Spider With A White Mark Like A 'T' On Its Back I Need To Know If It Is Poisonous?


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Google spiders and look at the images,then check for venom toxicity. I have similar ones in my garden and around the porch light. Most spiders will bite when bothered, most of them are harmless except an allergic reaction to a bite is always possible. It is not a brown recluse. They are most damaging to people and pets because they stay hidden in dark places and in the house, basements, closets and under furniture. If you live in their range it's a good thing to use a light before you stick your hand it the woodpile to pull out a log.
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Well it might be because of the "T" anthropologist on it abdobmin.and this also seems like a very rare spider because ive only seen 1in my whole life and I study insects,amphibians(lizards), and aracninds.So just scrape the carcass off the floor and use SPIC and SPAN ,COMET,or bases like bleach and if you need to know go to a collage and find an anthropologist.
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If it looks like an hour glass than yes it is very poisonous.
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Bug bites can be a minor annoyance or in some cases lead to more serious disease. Preventing bug bites and applying first aid are important factors in controlling infection. Go to >
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I suggest go to the library or computer go to and type in its characteristics and find out. In the mean while don't touch it cause it can be a brown recluse or hobo spider (deadly).house spider somewhat deadly.

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