Can You Identify A Large Brown Spider With Orange Stripes, Seen In New Jersey?


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This sounds like a wolf spider. They are extremely common all over the United States, and are known for their large brownish bodies which have an orange stripe down their backs.

Although they are venomous, they're not agressive creatures.

Large brown spider with orange stripe on its back?
  • If you are bitten by a wolf spider, I would advise you to seek medical advice - because the poison can cause some medical problems, even though it is not lethal.
  • Wolf spiders are not naturally aggressive, but they may become so if they're provoked. Their bite may be painful, and children and the elderly should take care around them, as the very young and very old will be more affected by the wolf spider's venom.
  • Usually, these spiders are ground-dwellers, and build burrows to live/hide in.
  • They are usually nocturnal, and are solitary hunters. They can build up a great deal of pace when they're hunting.
  • The wolf spider is commonly found around people's homes and in their gardens. They may appear similar to nursery web spiders, but wolf spiders carry their eggs on their spinnerets, unlike the former.

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