I Saw A Spider With Red/Orange Legs And A Fat Black Body. Can You Identify It?


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James Parnell answered
It could possibly be a wolf spider, as they have been known to have red or orange legs with large black abdomens.

The term "wolf spider" is somewhat of an umbrella term, which is used to describe a whole family of common spiders.

The wolf spider is common in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Wolf Spider
  • Wolf spiders are venomous, but not aggressive. Their venom is certainly poisonous, though, so you should probably seek medical attention if you are bitten. This is even more important if a child or elderly person is bitten.
  • Wolf spiders will not bite unless they are provoked - and they usually nest in the floors of houses or in people's gardens.
  • The wolf spider is a nocturnal creature which can move particularly quickly when it's hunting.
  • This species has been known to have orange/red legs, and usually a dark body, which makes me believe that the spider you're describing probably is indeed a wolf spider.
  • Wolf spiders closely resemble nursery web spiders, however, so it's also possible that the one you've seen is one of these. Wolf spiders carry their eggs in sacs on their bellies, whereas nursery web spiders do not.
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Megan Jones answered
It could be a female widow spider, but, it could also be a wasp spider! I saw one today, and was wondering what it was - which is how I came across this website.

If I find out any more about it, I'll let you know!

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