How Many Puppies Can They Have First Litter?


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Well my pit is around 55 pounds (normal weight) and she had 13 puppies in her first litter and her second she had only 6. So I guess it all depends.
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Basically, in any litter, you can estimate how many pups any kind of dog will have based on the number of nipples the dog has. Generally, they will have no more than that number. Usually, one or two less. But sometimes, the number of pups may be more by one or two (but not usually).
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Usually pups can any dog since you didn't specify can lead from any where of 1 to 14 puppies.
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Anywhere from six to ten puppies her first litter. And has she gets older it will develop into a higher number from 8-10
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Varies by breed, age, condition, the dog's used and several other things. There is no set number. The number of nipples has nothing to do with number of pups. Breeders do ultrasound or x-ray as a regular part of prenatal care and one of the things that tells is about how many. The visuals are done for many important reasons but the number can come in handy if a free whelp occurs and there is one missing or she is carrying more and it indicates she may become too tired to finish and need assistance or c-section. They also tell us about dam and pups and whether or not it is likely free whelp is possible though if the visuals are done sooner they cna grow a lot in that last little bit and there can still be problems. If the visuals say it's going ot be an issue then count on a c-section.

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