What Is The Approximate Cost Of An Ultrasound Scan For A Pregnant Dog?


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How much does it cost to get an ultrasound scan on a pregnant dog?

The cost for an ultrasound scan on your pregnant dog will be extremely varied from state to state - so the best idea would be to call your local veterinary practice and ask for a quote.

However, normally prices range from approximately $200 to anything up to $500.

Ultrasounds are great tools to check up on the viability and health of the puppies whilst they're still in the mother dog's womb.

Usually, the vet can also count how many puppies are going to be in your dog's litter.

  • Dogs are usually sexually mature around six to twelve months after birth. This is true of both female and male dogs.
  • Usually, female dogs are in heat twice per year.
  • The average gestation period for a pregnant dog is sixty-three days, although smaller breeds normally give birth before this time, and larger breeds generally go into labor later than that.
  • The average litter is six puppies, although in some larger breeds twelve puppies isn't uncommon. Smaller breeds may only have four puppies in each litter.
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I looked it up on the internet for you. The lowest I saw was 150. The highest I have seen was 500. The average I have seen was 300.

I hope this helps you.
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I have pay between $85 and $110 for a pregnancy ultrasound. Both are up to date, high resolution equipment.
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Just had my dog ultrasound done today and it was $45 in Michigan at our regular veterinarian. You could always call your local vet and ask. Which will cost $0.

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