How Do I Stop My Guinea Pig Getting Constipated?


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It could possibly be that your guinea pig has an impacted rectum. Some signs that this is the case could be that the feces are getting stuck on the outside of the rectum or has a worse than normal, bad odor. Unfortunately, if it is this, it is a reoccuring thing.

One thing you could try is using a swab and applying mineral oil to soften the blockage and then remove it gently. Wearing latex gloves is a good idea too.

The extra fibre in the diet that your vet recommended may help the problem a little, but as I say, ultimately it will keep happening.
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Irinni me
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yup its definitely that.... as soon as you mentioned the smell factor i was like YES!!! OMG ITS SO BAD anyways thank you!! ^_^
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Feed it some dandelions and/or grass might do the trick and remember to give plenty of hay and water. Watery food like lettuce might work but not too much cucumber is a favourite of mine too.
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Irinni me
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thanks for the advice.... would all help in normal cases but sadly i have tried this all multiple times... thank you anyway
Claire McGurk
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Ah well if you find solution let us know, Hope your guinea pig gets better soon!
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Thank you for your answers but it sadly sounds like the recurring impacted rectum problem..... As soon as you mentioned the smell I was like yerp... Its that one!! Thank you all again for answering!!!
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Beat the stuffing out of him or her on a regular may use the foot to kick but apply caution as the foot/leg combination may present too much force.

BUT really does the creature have access to plenty of fresh drinking water and does a hamster's diet normally include fresh fruit or vegetables to provide bulk/fiber and moisten the stool?
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Irinni me
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thank you but I've already tried the fibre thing.... hes on so much fibre I'm surprised hes not propelling himself with ... erm... excrement... thanks for answering though

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