Why Do Guinea Pigs Shake?


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Guinea pigs shake because they are scared.and sometimes they shake because if you pat it. It might not know that you where going to pat it then it gets a big time if you try to pat it get your hands in front of the face so he knows that your going to pat him.what can help is to buy a pet brush from a pet store and lightly brush from head to back.can also help if you give your pet daily hugs in the morning and at night well you are holding him stroke him gently. By the way you can buy brushes from New Zealand Christchurch 199 marshlands rd
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They shake because:

A) When you scratch them in a certain spot, but they should make a purring noise as well, signifying that it likes to be scratched there. Or:

B) Your guinea pig is very scared and needs to be calmed down. Try and make sure it knows you are going to pet it. DON'T raise your hand above their head, they will think you will inflict harm on them.

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