How Do You Make Your Own Guinea Pig Cage?


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I recommend that you use snake and mouse fencing because it has smaller holes and other animals are less likely to get in. The thing is that if you want a hutch that stays on the grass or is up above the ground. For one on the ground use untreated timber(because the G-Pigs will most likely knaw at it) and make a 75cm by 50 cm (for one guinea pig, if more double) make sure there is a bottom on it. I recommend you make a lid because then the birds are less likely to come and eat or attack your guinea pigs as for the outside of the hutch make a frame of untreated timber and stick the wire around it using a staple gun or nails. If you wna't it elevated (off the ground) use the 75cm by 50cm part but make sure you feed them lots of greens and grass. As Giraffe said fill the wooden bit with bedding about 5cm thick. Using ceramic bowls food, water bottle and a tunnel you can just use a pvc tube.

Ps: I had to make my guineapig hutch as well it really doesnt take that long

Hope this helps Gelati
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Hay my name is olivia and i have a ginnie pig black an white and its name is oreo and i know how to make ginniepig cages all you have to do is get a cardboard box cut it how you want it and by some cheap wire at wallmart or some where and thats how you make
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Take some of the chicken fence and staple it to a frame of wood that you could get from homedepo then you don't need a lid unless you have a cat or dog then just put a board on the top fill it up with bedding, food, water, and something to play with like a tunnel.
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Well I take a card board box cut out windows and put mesh that looks like this # make a cage door on top out of mesh and wood  make a ladder with the wood and make a second story Guinea pig cage (only for inside  ). On the top story have the lid and on the bottom have a side door.  Things may vary...
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There are tutorials on youtube that are excellent.
Just search C&C (cube and coroplast) cages. They're cheap and easy to make. It also gives you the opportunity to make your cage any size and shape.
All you need are cubes (used to make shelves), coroplast (corrugated plastic), tape and something to cut the coroplast like a box cutter.
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Take a 30inch to 36 plastic box and poke holes in to hte box  and then you start making your   guinea pig beading so you take a dog pad and place it on the Bottom of the plastic   box and then you pout hay! On top'' of dog patting.
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You have to get wood, wire with little holes, beding/wood chips, and any extras you want to put in it. You need wood polish and any paint or anything you want to draw/color with it on. I don't know how to make one, but I know what you need. And I would consiter getting one from a pet store/store. The ones you can make might not be right and you would waste a bunch of money.
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I want too know how 2 make my guinea pig a cage from scratch her name is lucky she is orange nd white she is my babbie nd my life

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