What Fruits And Vegetables Can Dogs Eat And Not Eat?


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Carrots and green beans are OK for dogs and cats but grapes are getting a big no-no just now..some reports on causing carcinogenic reactions in stomach linings...anything acidic really keep away...but a good quality holistic dry food will contain all the nutrients an animal requires!! In one bag....but you could use carrots, green beans for a treat or to add to dish. My jack Russell loves strawberries! Good luck!
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A better question would be what fruits and vegetables can YOU GET your dog to eat. Although I know of vegetarian owners who have forced this diet choice onto their dogs, and the dogs survive. And have even seen a dog seem to enjoy a dill pickle, banana and tomato. God made dogs carnivores.... But back to the answer of your question... Don't know of any fruits or vegetables that are harmful to dogs.

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