How Much Does It Cost To Get A Dog Micro-chipped?


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My vet I believe it was about 50 bucks.  Try to get them done whenever they are under anesthesia because it is a large gauge needle and it does hurt they dog when they are awake. I had two of my dogs done when they got fixed but the other one was fully awake and she cried. I felt really bad for her.
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It's priceless. :-). They do not need to be under anesthesia and those that react with a fit are those that tend to have a fit over anything like that ;-), it may pinch for a second but don't wait if you aren't having a surgical procedure soon, many don't even notice believe it or not just like their regular vaccinations. Cost is usually anywhere from $25 to $50 and then to register the chip to your information (an important part many seem to forget) is usually around $20 or so. Well worth it to have someone call you if they happen to get out or loose or anything like that. Also  identification they can't lose and may save your pups life and get them home if they end up at a shelter somehow and might be slated for almost immediate euthanasia for some reason. Some shelters even put a longer hold on a dog who is chipped and registered (really think most should).
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This costs $540 dollars

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