Where Can I Get Information About Fitting A Microchip In My Dog?


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Fitting a micro chip in your dog is a smart way to ensure that he is never lost. The microchip which is as small as a grain of rice is injected in to the dog in such a way that he hardly feels it. The microchip assigns a unique number to your dog which is readable with a scanner; today an increasing number of shelter homes as well as vets use this system to trace a dog's owner. At present the companies manufacturing the microchips are AVID (IdentIchip), Trovan (Infopet) and Destron. A database according to which company you choose is assigned to you corresponding to the microchip number containing primarily your emergency number as well as the vet's number along with any other information. The microchip which is completely safe to administer would go a long way in ensuring the safety of your dog and as such could be considered as part and parcel of pet insurance.

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