How Much Does It Cost To Microchip A Kitten, And Where Can It Be Done?


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It is usually about $100 and any vet can do this for you. You also can go to some of these pet direct sites and get the kit to do it your self and it wont cost as much. It is simple to do it is like giving a shot...
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Thank you Zoey, but as it turned out, I found a kitten at another Humane Society and they microchip all their animals. Thanks for the answer.
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I have two rescue cats that I took to my Vet straight from the shelter for check ups. They were both microchipped that day before I took them home! My Vet charged me $30.00 each and I received confirmation from the tracking company a week later.
My cats are indoor cats too, but I wouldn't take the chance of them sneaking out after curfew.

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