How Much Does A Weiner Dog Cost?


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John answered
Depends on if your going to adopt one from the animal shelter or buy a pure bred with all it's records. It could go from as little as paying for the shots to  as high as 500 dollars for a registered dog. No dog will be free because you have the upkeep of the animal food,vet bills,care products.
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moodie madd answered
We got are wiener dog from a breeder and it was about $550. Though there are many places you can go for cheaper!
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emma danish answered
I think your looking at 450 plus but with that you should have legal pedigree papers to show the true breed plus history of the parents
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terry rossignol answered
Some places will cost around 4-5 hundred dollars. Try calling your local vets and see if anyone is selling them.
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Dacushunds can vary in price depending on who your purchase the puppy from.  You can rescue one from the shelter with relatively little expense or you buy one from a reputable breeder.  Depending on the quality of the litter price can vary from $300 to upwards of a thousand.

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