How Much Do Teacup Chihuahuas Cost?


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shamar shamar answered
Because they are small they usually go from $700-$1500.
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There is No Such Thing as a Teacup, Micro, Mini or Pocket Size Chihuahua! What you are talking about is a "Runt", which is the smallest puppy in the litter. Teacup and the other terms are only that, terms that irresponsible backyard breeders use, to breed one Runt to another Runt, in order to achieve smaller puppies and sell them for insane prices. If someone advertises a Teacup or uses any of the other terms, run in the other direction. Runts should never, under any circumstances ever be bred, they are too tiny and their bodies are not built to carry and whelp (deliver) puppies. Chihuahuas are tiny enough as it is. Some are smaller than others. Check out your local Chihuahua Rescue or Shelters and I'm sure that you will find a Chihuahua, who will capture your heart. I used to breed Chihuahuas. I now own #15 Spayed, Neutered and Microchipped Chihuahuas. I have Runts, but I never even considered breeding any of them. The people that do breed these poor runts for money, don't care if the Runt they breed lives of dies, they just move on to the next one and the cycle goes on and on. My Runts are all from standard size 6 pound Chihuahuas! Again none of my Runts  were ever bred.The picture I uploaded is of one of my Runts named Zoe! She's 3.3 pounds!This is a picture of Zoe and her brother from the same litter Gizmo, who is 6 pounds, just so you can see the difference in size!s279.photobucket.comIt blows my mind when these breeders put these Runts in a life-threatening situation, all for the money! I cannot even begin to imagine breeding Zoe, having her carry a litter for 2 months, then go through delivering puppies! I see doing something like that is cruel for a dog that tiny and fragile. Please don't even consider going to one of these breeders. 

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