My Neutered Dog's Penis Is Stuck. What Can I Do?


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My neutered dog has a stuck penis - what can I do?

This unfortunate circumstance can be rectified at home, though if the penis is left stuck out for a long period of time, then this could potentially become a very serious problem.

However, if you act quickly, then this is a fairly easy problem to resolve:

  • Try to unroll the sheath manually, so that the penis can fit back inside. Sometimes, fur around the base of the shaft can obstruct the sheath, so check for this.
  • If the penis is still stuck out, then you may have to use some lubrication.
  • You can use warm water, mineral oil or even some KY jelly if you have some lying around.
Dogs may keep their penis out of their sheath if they are suffering from itching caused by a yeast or bacterial infection. Mange can also cause this problem.

If you cannot resolve the problem yourself, or if the area looks inflamed or your pet seems to be in pain, then you should contact your vet immediately. Sometimes, this problem can cause a serious condition.
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If the penis of the dog - either neutered or with testes - is stuck outside the protective skin sheath, then it is an emergency, so take him to the vet.

Until then, keep washing his penis time after time in order to avoid infection. Also, take care to avoid injury.

If the penis is erect, then this is more of an emergency. Take him to the vet.

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