My Dog Is Having Some Green Discharge From His Penis, What Is That?


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Green discharge from a dog's penis could be due to a number of causes, with most resulting in the dog suffering a lot of discomfort. Therefore it is highly advised that the dog is taken to a vets.

Some of the possible causes are as follows:

  • Old Semen
This could be caught on the dog's penis and become old before you notice it. As this dries it will change color, it will also carry bacteria which can cause infection so it is best to make sure the penis area of the dog is kept clean and as dry as possible so that this does not reoccur.

  • A cut or graze
This could be a cut or graze that has become infected and not an internal issue to do with the dog's penis at all. If there is a cut or graze in the area, make sure that it is kept clean and dry. You should try to look and see if you can spot the location of the injury if there is one.

  • Infection
There may be an infection in the glands of the penis. This could have come from anywhere and may just be a cleanliness issue. Any internal infection will be uncomfortable for the dog and slightly painful. You should make sure that the area is kept clean and take the dog to see a vet. The vet will be able to give the dog antibiotics which will get rid of the infection.

Any strange discharges on a dog or any other animal should be looked into. Animals can not tell us that they are suffering so it is always best to have them checked out by a vet.
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Ive been researching this all over cause my 1 year old male Pit is doing the same thing. What ive found out is that with males if they havent mated in a while the sperm builds up inside of the scrotum and since its not being released it causes an infection. If your dog IS fixed then I would REALLY rush in to find out what is wrong. For the unfixed dogs just take him in and a vet and they will give him some meds to clear it up. I hope this helps everyone.
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Dogs can have a normal discharge from the penis called smegma.  It is usually yellow in color, should just be a very small amount around the end of the prepuce--it should not seep or drain, and is a bit slimy.  Smegma is not usually green.
Sounds like this is a new development.  I would have it checked out just to make sure there is nothing more serious going on.  Infection can cause pus or colored discharge.  Dogs can get tumors around the prepuce that can become infected as well. 
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If its a yellowish green discharge, without any foul smell, then its pretty normal. You don't need to take him to a vet. Such discharge is smegma, a normal discharge containing mucoid glycoproteins and dead epithelial cells. But if your dog starts licking it very often, and it has a bad smell, then take him to the vet.
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Yes dogs can get sexually transmitted diseases--Brucella is not common but is a serious disease; another somewhat common disease is a TVT (transmissible venereal tumor). 
Male dogs can have a normal discharge that is green/yellow and thick in nature.  It is called smegma.  It should be present in small amounts. 
If you have any concerns please have your dog checked by your veterinarian.

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If she is pregnant this green discharge is a very bad sign. It often means that one or more pups has died inside her and is decomposing. The toxins from this will kill the other pups, and then she will be very ill, and could also die.
You really MUST take her to a vet right now.
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A lot of male dogs get that, most of the time it is not a big deal, just gross to look at.  I apologize that I don't know exactly how to spell it but, more than likely, it is his prepuce that has the discharge, not really his penis.  I prep a lot of dogs for neuters and a fair number of them have this discharge. We just shoot a little bit of chlorhexiderm solution into the preface to clean it out. In your case I would just wipe off the discharge with a baby wipe or something like that. I guess I would compare it to a dirty belly button. Just clean it out when it gets dirty like that. If you are very concerned that your dog is in pain or anything like that, I would take him to the vet.
As far as worrying about stds in your dog, you should do brucelosis tests on the female if you are actively breeding him. If the female belongs to someone else make sure they take their dog to be checked. If you are not actively breeding I would strongly suggest neutering, to help prevent prostate problems further down the road.
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Take him to the vet imeadiatly!! It could be a infection wich may or may not be serious tho if left  untreated could cause a lot of problems the worst of wich is death! He may only need a few doses of antibiotics but if you see any sort of foul discharge where it never was before-get it treated!
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Are there any bitches in heat around, this can cause them to have a pale green discharge, this should clear up when the bitch stops being in season. If it is red and irritated looking it may be an infection and he may need antibiotics.
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My dog has a discharge and is moving around a lot and liking it a lot its red and a little swollen can you please help me
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It could be some kind of bladder or urine infection, if I were you I would take him to the vet ASAP!
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You forgot to indicate what other sign he/she is showing like licking of genitalia, frequent urination, shaking etc? Is you dog male or female? Anyhow,  Green or yellowish green discharge from the penis of the dogs can be due to Balanoposthitis that is inflammation of penis and prepuce. This can be due to bacterial infection, injuries, tumors and constriction of prepuce.  

Diagnosis includes physical examination, urinalysis and blood tests. Treatment depends upon underlying cause like antibiotics for bacterial infection.

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