My Cat's Left Eye Won't Completely Open, The Lower Lid Seemly Stuck. What Can I Do?


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Bobbi answered
The "third lid" is usually a sign of a health problem. Are his/her eyes droopy, excreting discharge? This can be a sign of an allergy, an upper respiratory infection, dehydration, etc. I would get kitty to the vets as soon as possible, and hopefully if it was caught soon enough, some medication, either ointment for the eye or oral antibiotics, can be given and treat it completely.
Bottom line, it's time for a trip to the vet. Good luck and I hope kitty feels better soon!
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Her name isn,'t LISA is it? Maybe has something in her eye or a scratch from fighting, or an infection. Maybe a call to the vet if it persists.
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Just rub its eye with damp tissue
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jacob gumabay answered
It probably hurt its eye.

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