What Home Remedies For Dogs Itchy Skin?


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I will not recommend home remedies for dog itching because many conditions can cause this that also include some internal diseases. Treatment of itching depends upon cause and none of home remedy can give coverage to all contributing factors. There are variety of reasons of itching in dogs. These can be

   1. Allergy to flea, pollens, molds, dust, and food
   2. Insects bite
   3. Contact allergy
   4. Parasitic skin infections like scabies, and  lice
   5. Pyoderma
   6. Ringworm infection
   7. Cushing's disease
   8. Hormonal imbalances
   9. Autoimmune skin diseases
  10. Almost all skin diseases

So, ideally, you should take your dog to know underlying cause. After this any treatment or advice can be suggested.
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Give your dog benadryl. It is 1mg per Pound of dog. I use it on my dogs it makes them sleepy but it helps with itching...

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