Is It Safe For A Dog To Have Mefenamic Acid?


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Same concerns as with other NSAIDs and toxicity. Call your vet, emergency clinic or poison control so you can go over how much your pup got a hold of and the situation and get any emergency instructions immediately. Would be a bigger concern with already existing liver or kidney issues or anything like that.
As little as one (or less) aspirin, tylenol, ibuprofen, a small amount of something like benadryl, whatever can cause toxicity in the right dog and right situation, it's why we don't give anything without our vets consent and approval and dosage reccomendations. Medication is the number one cause of poisoning in our pets and quite often are things like OTC meds that are given to pets by well meaning owners that didn't talk to their vet first or know what they were doing and just assumed it was safe. Not even OTC or okay for us means safe for them or the right thing to give in a certain situation.
If your pup got ahold of some meds give your vet or poison control a call and go over the details with them immediately and what you need to do and what the concerns would be to try and prevent the situation from becoming more serious if you can.  Good Luck.

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