How Much Dramamine Can I Give My Dog?


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You can give your dog either 2 or 4 mg Dramamine per pound weight of your dog 30 minutes prior to driving and thereafter every eight hours.

Symptoms of a dog that is experiencing motion sickness could include heavy panting, shaking, vomiting, or drooling excessively. They will show signs of discomfort and might also have diarrhea. It is important that your dog is not stressed and is comfortable on any trip. Here are some practical remedies to help your dog:

  • Get your dog accustomed to the car from when still a puppy. If it is already fully grown, take them on short trips and allow them to get out halfway.
  • Do not feed your dog for a minimum of five hours prior to driving. Make sure that it is hydrated before the drive.
  • While driving, allow a window to be slightly open so that your dog can breathe in fresh air but not stick their whole head outside.
  • Drive your vehicle slowly around any curves and brake slowly at any stops. If possible, avoid all curvy roads.
  • On a long car trip, stop about every hour to let your dog have a little run and to drink some water.
  • ΓΌ Try offering your dog gingersnaps as needed. Ginger helps in alleviating stomach issues and can minimize motion sickness. Feed your dog the ginger half an hour prior to driving.
  • Cooled peppermint tea can also be offered to your dog prior to the trip and helps with motion sickness.
  • A deficiency of vitamin B6 could also cause motion sickness. For about two days before a long trip, you can start supplementing your dog's water and food with vitamin B6 complex. Raw liver is also rich in vitamin B6.
Dramamine and Benadryl are used as an anti-nausea medication for humans. These medications can be given to a dog if they suffer with motion sickness. Always check beforehand with your vet.

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