My Dog's Eye And Nose Suddenly Became Swollen. What Should I Do?


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There are many different infections and conditions that could be causing the swollen eyes that your dog has. It is best that you get your pet to the vets as soon as possible so there are not going to be any more threats of infection and that it can be treated correctly.

• Professional help

If you look online you may find different forums which are going to be able to give you advice from the past experience that people have, however you must remember that every dog is different and that the medication you use is going to be different for dogs of varying ages.

• Lack of treatment

If you ignore the swollen eyes that your dog has, it could become much more serious than it is now. Certain conditions can result in the eyes needing to be removed to ensure that the dog is as comfortable as ever and can move on from the treatment.

It is going to be best for you and the dog to ensure that you book an appointment with the vet that you are with as soon as you begin to notice that the eyes are swollen. If the condition is nothing, then your mind is going to be at rest, however, if the condition is serious and therefore needs to be treated, you can be sure that the right medication can be given as soon as your dog is going to need it.
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In most cases Id seek a vet if any yellowish,or greenish color gunk from the dogs eye is leaking from it. But if not taken to the vet, take a warm wash clothe over the dogs eye and clean it as much as possible. There are several eye treatments for dogs with irritate eyes. So either go to a near by pet store, or wal-mart.
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I don't know but I would take him to the vet
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You need to get this dog to the vet asp. This could be very serious.
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I took my dog to vet his right eyes was swollen shut he gave him a shot an eyes grease and pill. Now the other eyes is swollen shut what should I do I pay one hundred and twenty for the frist vist
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Take your dog to your vet and get him inspected as soon as possible. It could have an infection.

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